From Our Pastor

Pastor Tim Funk

Pastor Tim Funk is a second-generation minister. His father, Amos M. Funk served United Brethren, Evangelical United Brethren and United Methodist Churches for over 60 years. Born and raised in the Chambersburg area Tim accepted Christ at a revival service at his home church, St. John’s UM Church, when he was 10 years old. At 13 years of age he received the call to the pastoral ministry but only became serious about the matter in his early twenties. It was then that he decided to attended Messiah College and Wesley Theological Seminary to prepare for the future God laid out for him. Tim met his wife, Sharon in his last year of college and they married in June of 1984. As a team the two have served 4 other parishes before coming to St. Paul’s in Red Lion. From 1985 – 1988, while in seminary, Tim was assistant pastor at Potomac UM Church, Potomac, MD. From 1988 – 1994 he served The Catawissa Circuit, a three point charge, consisting of Bethel, Fisherdale and St. Paul’s U.M. Churches. It was during this pastorate that their two incredible children, Rebekkah and Jesse were born. His next appointment from 1994-1998 was only 4 miles from Red Lion at Bethany UM Church in Felton. Tim’s longest pastorate was with the people of Waggoners UMC in Carlisle from 1998 – 2014. When he is not ministering, Tim enjoys all kinds of sports, fishing, auto racing and walking the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Pastor’s Post

Dear St. Paul’s Members,

A New Year is just about upon us. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous support and cooperation in 2019. With everything that hap- pens here at St. Paul’s UMC, no one person can do it all. It takes a team to get it all done. We were that team!

And now, let me wish you all a very happy New Year. I look forward to what God has for us in 2020. Our Community Meal, the second Monday of each month, continues to be well received. The Den afterschool program at Maize Gable Elementary School on Tues- days and Thursdays is making a difference in the life of the students who attend. Along with these outreach- es, money given to our Pastoral Emergency Fund by anonymous contributors has provided relief to seven families in the borough. We have truly been Jesus’ hands and feet in our area.

Please pray for these and the other ministries we will undertake in the name of Christ in 2020. Below is a prayer I found offered by an unidentified pastor on behalf of his congregation. It is Biblical and a good example of how to intercede for St. Paul’s throughout the coming new year. It goes like this:

Lord, make this New Year a very happy year for all of us individually here at our church. Not by shielding us from sorrow and pain, but by strengthening us to bear it if it comes. Not by taking hardship from us, but by taking all cowardice and fear from our hearts as we meet hardships. Not by making our paths easy, but by making us sturdy enough to tread any path. Not by granting unbroken sun-shine, but by keeping our faces bright even in the shadows. Not by making our lives always pleasant, but by showing us where others and your cause need us most and by making us zealous to be there and to help.

We pray also Lord you will bless us as a local congregation, not with great numbers of people who come looking for entertaining activities and services, but with abundant opportunities to teach your Word and do your work here in this area in all sincerity and truth. Nor do we pray that you will make our name great as a local church, but that through us your great name will be magnified. Father, make our year a happy one, in Jesus’ name! Amen!

Not much to add to that, but Amen and Amen! In Christ’s Love

`Pastor Tim