This Month’s Preschool Classes

Three Day Class

Dear Church Members:
Our theme for the 3-day preschool class for the month of October is fire safety. We will discuss fire safety rules, emergency situations, and learning to dial 9-1-1. We will also conduct a fire drill with the students.

We will be going on our first field trip of the year to Flinchbaugh’s Orchard and Farm Market. The kids get a tour of the orchard, pick some apples, learn about farm life & finally sample some homemade apple cider. We will also enjoy Halloween with our first classroom party of the year. The students have an opportunity to dress up in their costumes and parade around the block.

Failor’s Photography will be coming to take a class and individual pictures at the middle of the month. Pastor Tim also started our chapel :me with the students and they respond so well to him and his lessons.

Our October is full of exciting experiences that make learning fun for the students. As always thanks for your con:nued support.

Pa:ence Martin

Two Day Class

Dear Church Members,
We have completed our first month of preschool, and we had a wonderful beginning. As we move into October, we will continue introducing the letters of the alphabet and working on activities for each letter. October is fire safety month. We will be discussing the technique of stop, drop, and roll. In addition to that discussion, we will be making a visit to the Red Lion Fire Department as our field trip. The children will be able to see a fire fighter in full gear and look at the fire trucks. Failor’s Photography will be visiting our class for picture day. We will have a Halloween party at the end of the month. I can’t wait to see all the costumes!


Tasha Beck