This Month’s Preschool Classes

Three Day Class

Dear Church Members,
Our theme for the month of April is Health and the human body. The

students will learn ways to keep their bodies healthy through exercise, eating healthy foods, and not smoking or doing drugs. They will also learn about the 5 senses through a variety of activities. We will continue learning the phonics of each letter and practice our reading and name writing.

We go to Unique Physique Fitness Center for our field trip to reinforce our theme for the month. The kids will participate in a yoga class and other exercises during their time at Unique Physique.

Our lunch bunch for this month is Wednesday, April 10th. The students continue to enjoy this opportunity.

We will also start our final report card testing for the year and end of the year conferences.

We have already started collecting registration forms for the next school year. There are openings in both the 2-day and 3-day classes. If you know of any school age children please pass on our information.

Thanks for your continued support!


Patience Martin

Two Day Class

Dear Church Members,

Spring is in the air! The two day preschool class has another busy month

in April. We will continue learning the letters of the alphabet and reviewing our numbers. Our field trip this month is to Perrydell Farms where we will learn about how milk gets from the cow to our tables. This is always such a fun field trip, especially with the treat of chocolate milk and ice cream at the end! The students will also make one more trip to Community REACH with food donations that they collect. I love to see them help stock the shelves. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


Tammy Rutzebeck