This Month’s Preschool Classes


Three Day Class

Dear Church Members,

For the month of March we will be talking about having a healthy body.  We will be studying how the body works, what the heart does and how to keep the body healthy.  We will spend a few lessons on discussing our five senses as well.  We will also continue to learn letters and their sounds and talk about St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Our field trip will be to Unique Physique Fitness Center.  The kids will have an opportunity to participate in a yoga class and a circuit training.  This will emphasize our discussion on how to keep the body healthy by getting exercise and eating well.

We also have the Vision Corps coming into the classroom to offer free vision screenings for our preschoolers.

At the end of the month we will celebrate Easter by having a party planned by the parents.  It is difficult to be thinking about next year already, but we will be accepting registrations for the fall and as always we offer half off registration now until May.  If you know of any preschool age children please give them our information.

We also continue to sell our discount cards for our fund raiser.  They are $5 each and we get 100% profit from the cards.

Thank you again for your support.


Patience Martin

Two Day Class

Dear Church Members,

Another month of fun and learning is upon us!  This month’s field trip will be to Giant Food Store where we will take a tour and get a behind the scenes look.  We may visit the grocery store several  times a week, but there is so much we  don’t know about the workings of the store.   I am sure the kids, and some of the adults attending, will learn a lot.  March also brings St. Patrick’s Day.  We will try our best to catch the leprechaun, but he is pretty quick.  With Easter being early this year, we will be celebrating with an Easter Egg Hunt.

Although it sounds like all fun this month, the children will continue to be introduced to more letters of the alphabet.  By the end of this month, they will have learned up to, and including, letter “T”.  We  will also continue to review numbers, which the students have been getting really good at recognizing.

Come on Spring!

Tammy Rutzebeck
2 Day Preschool Teacher