This Month’s Preschool Classes


Three Day Class

Dear Church Members,

The chaos of the holiday season is behind us and we greatly anticipate the more relaxed schedule of January.  That said, we truly had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas both personally and within the preschool.

This month, we have no parties to plan, no testing or conferences and are greatly looking forward to a more relaxed schedule.  We will however, continue learning and preparing the students for kindergarten.

Our unit for January will be self esteem and learning about our feelings.  We will discuss what makes them special and unique and also how to acknowledge their feelings.  We also discuss how to appropriately deal with anger.  We will continue to learn letters and work on phonics.

We will be going on a field trip this month to Skyline Gymnastics.  This is one of the more popular field trips of the year.

We truly appreciate your continued support of our program.


Patience Martin

Two Day Class

Dear Church Members,

2018!  Wow, another year to begin planning for.  Our two day Preschool class is definitely planning to learn more.  We will start the month of January off with a review of the letters we have learned so far, letters ‘A” to “J”.  We will then begin with letters “K”, “L” and “M”, learning about kites, lions, and the ever bright and beautiful moon.

Our Field trip this month will be to Lion Bowling for a morning of fun and having a Ball!

The children will also be learning to cut with scissors and pasting their cut-outs to paper.

It might be a cold month, but we will be too busy to notice!


Tammy Rutzebeck

2 Day Preschool Teacher