This Month’s Preschool Classes

Three Day Class

The chaos of the holiday season is behind us and we greatly an cipate the more relaxed schedule of January. That said, we truly had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas both personally and within the preschool. This month, we have no par- es to plan, no tes ng or conferences and are greatly looking forward to a more relaxed sched- ule. We will however, con nue learning and pre- paring the students for kindergarten. Our unit for January will be self esteem and learning about our feelings. We will discuss what makes them special and unique and also how to acknowledge their feelings. We also discuss how to appropriately deal with anger. We will con nue to learn le ers and work on phonics. We will be going on a eld trip this month to Skyline Gymnas cs. This is one of the more popular eld trips of the year. The pre- school commi ee is also planning and running our lunch bunch program. The students who choose to par cipate bring in a lunch to school and complete cra s and learn all about exploring our world. The kids that have par cipated so far have really en- joyed it! Also, we are s ll selling our discount cards as our annual fund raiser. They are only $5 and many of the companies listed are in the Red Lion/ Windsor area. See one of the preschool commi ee members or the church secretary if you would like to purchase any. Thanks!

We truly appreciate your con nued support of our program.


Patience Martin

Two Day Class

Dear Church Members,

I hope the holiday season was a great one for all of you! In preschool, we are ready to start 2020 o with a bang. The 2-day preschool class has come a long way since September, and we have a lot to cover before the end of the preschool year. We will start January o with reviewing the le ers we have learned so far, A through J, and will reach le er “M” by the end of the month. The children will also learn the correct way to handle scissors, along with basic scissor skills. The children always have fun learning and prac cing this skill! We will also have fun when we visit Lion Bowling this month for our class eld trip.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2020!

Tasha Beck